CNC speed calculation

This formula is nothing very special but I had to think some time about it. 😉 For my CNC I need to calculate the speed of the machine in mm/min (seems this is the standart measuring unit at least in metric systems). Here it is:

An example:
– Threadpitch: 0.8mm
– Steps/Revolution: 200 Steps
– Microseconds/Revolution: 1.000 micros

Hope this is correct! 😉

04. August 2013 by Marius
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Linear interpolation

As I researched about my own custom G-Code interpreter on the Arduino I realised that it was neccesary to interpolate between two points in space. Thats because when both stepper motors step at the same time at the exact same speed a target value is reached too soon when one coordinate is not equal to the other ( x != y).

To avoid that problem one has to interpolate between the points and check if the interpolated value has to in- or decrement. I came up with this function to return an interpolated coordinate on the vector between the points:

Some reference and further reading on that topic here!

15. July 2013 by Marius
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The TurnMachine

c040_prj0007_TurnMachine_00I thought its time to learn something new in my sparetime so the TurnMachine is my first attemp in building usefull machines with the help of the Arduino development plattform. Arduino is an electronics plattform made especially for artists and people who want to learn microcontroller programming the first time without the hassle of studying electronics in depth. I build this as a finger exercise for Continue Reading →

15. July 2013 by Marius
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