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How to avoid delay() – create a custom Arduino class – Part 2

In the previous blog post we learned how to avoid delay() if necessary. It would be very convenient when we are able to add a layer of abstraction to this code so when can easily reuse it if we need … Continue reading

15. November 2016 by Marius
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Arduino and how to avoid delay() – Part 1

The main problem with using delay() in your Arduino sketch is simply: it will block the whole system for the amount of time you specified. Since your microprocessor is pretty fast compared to most of the delay() time he is … Continue reading

14. November 2016 by Marius
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Arduino Mood Lamp / LED Cube

I wanted to build an Arduino mood lamp that worked without any buttons and is customizeable for any mood / light situation. So I did a little research and found about the posibility to trigger input on the Arduino with … Continue reading

09. November 2016 by Marius
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Interface a cheap OLED (SSD1306) from eBay with an Arduino

There are a couple of cheap OLED displays available on eBay and I really struggled to get them to work with the Arduino. Some of them have the manufacturer “Heltec” printed on the circuitboard and most of them

25. December 2015 by Marius
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C++ Template Arduino investigation

I tried to simplify and refactor some of my code for a new Arduino project lastly and came up with some interessting programming concepts in C/C++ I never heard of before my Arduino adventures. The Problem At first I wanted … Continue reading

26. November 2014 by Marius
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The TurnMachine

I thought its time to learn something new in my sparetime so the TurnMachine is my first attemp in building usefull machines with the help of the Arduino development plattform. Arduino is an electronics plattform made especially for artists and … Continue reading

15. July 2013 by Marius
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